Vandana Electronics and Pharma Packaging,


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

US FDA DMF Registered Products

MSME Registration No. MP23B0004564

Who we are?

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Pharmaceutical Packaging Products: Flip Off Seals, Bottle Hanger, Helmet Cap, Infusion Dust Cap, Dropper Assembly, Plastic Measuring Cups. Beverage Handles, ROPP Caps, Vial Seals, Euro Head Caps

We export to several countries such as USA(North America), Argentina(South America), Brazil, Vietnam(Asia), Thailand, UK(Europe), UAE(Middle East), Australia. and many more countries.

Our products are accepted in various Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industry. Vandana Electronics Pharma packaging products reaches in almost all states of India and as well as maintaining strong global presence,Our quality products are acceptable in 15+ countries and believe in Just in time Delivery system.   


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Our Products

Manufacturer of medical glass bottle hangers. These are used to hold glucose/saline vial. There are following varities of bottle/vial hangers: 100ml bottle hanger, 50ml bottle hanger, 250ml bottle hanger, 500ml bottle hanger, that we manufacture.

Measuring Cups manufacturer for Injectables. There are following varieties of measuring cups: 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 25mm, 22mm, 28mm measuring cup that we manufacture.

Manufacturer Of Flip Off seal. We manufacuture following variety of Flip top/flip off aluminium seal: 20mm, 13mm, 32mm,20mm. 

Infusion Crown Cap / Helmet Cap / Cover Cap manufacturer for Glucose Saline Bottles. 

Infusion Dust Cap Small manufacturer for Glucose Saline Bottles.

Caps, Closures, Infusion Hangers, Flip Off Seals, 

Bottles  & Measuring Cups

for Injectables, Parenteral Infusions,

Eye Drops & Syrups.