Flip Off Seal

फ्लिप ऑफ सील | Flip off selo | ફ્લિપ ઓફ સીલ | ফ্লিপ অফ সীল | Flip off die Dichtung | Flip Off le phoque | Флип офф печать | 翻转密封

by Vandana Pharma Packaging Solutions

Flip Off Seal Vandana Pharma Packaging

Flip Off Seal

At Vandana Pharma Packaging, we manufacture Flip Off Seals in Clean Room facilities and world class Production Infrastructure/PLC Imported Machines.

Our Flip off caps facilitate strong container closure integrity and ensure excellent stability on high-speed flip off seal assembly machine or filling lines.

We are flip off seal manufacturer & Exporter based in India. We manufacture 13mm, 20mm, 32mm flip off seal.

Our Flip Off Seal Features:

  • Flip Off Seals are produced accurately in accordance with export standards.

  • We also offer aluminium seals in lacquered coating.

  • Our aluminium closure seals can easily be opened with thumb, produce a flipping sound. Flip off plastic caps are made of Virgin high-quality plastics.

  • We also manufacture fine grade 20mm Tear Off Seals and Tear Down Seals.

  • We perform number of test on our Flip Off seals, and ensure that it doesn't break apart on removal of plastic cap with flip off seal crimper.

  • Our seals are suitable for high speed vial line.

  • We export to several countries such as USA(North America), Argentina(South America), Brazil, Vietnam(Asia), Thailand, UK(Europe), UAE(Middle East), Australia. and many more countries.

We are engaged in the production of primary and secondary packaging for pharmaceutical products. Please visit our Home Page for all our products.

What is Flip Off Seal

Flip Off Seal Meaning: Flip Off Seal is the the primary stage of protection for medicines and drugs. It helps in maintaining closure integrity and vial sterilize. They comprises of aluminium seal and a plastic cap attached vials.

Flip Of Seal enables:

  • Save contamination from stepping into the vial and seals the parenteral package.

  • The seal helps to shield the injection site at the vial stopper.

  • Ensures tamper evident packaging coherence.

The Aluminium Flip-Off seal are generally used in the pharmaceutical industry over the vials of different sizes such as 13mm, 20mm, 32mm.

Flip Off Seal Varieties and Specifications

13mm Flip Off Seals

13mm Flip Off Seals

13mm Flip Off Seals Vial Seals - Different Colors

13mm Flip Off Seals - Logo Embossed

20mm & 32mm Flip Off Seals

20mm Flip Off Seals

20mm Flip Off Seals - Logo Embossed

20mm Flip Off Seals - Matt Finish

20mm Flip Off Seals Clear Colors, Flip Down Seals Clear

32mm Flip Off Seals

Tear Off Seals & Tear Down Seals & Shade Card

20mm Tear Off Seals and Tear Down Seals

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Last updated: February 2, 2021