Glass Bottle Hanger - IV Infusions

by  Vandana Pharma Packaging

Glass Bottle Hanger | Infusion Bottle Hanger | IV Fluid bottle hanger by Vandana Pharma Packaging

IV Infusion Glass Bottle Hangers

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Glass Bottle Hangers for IV Fluid Infusion. Other names IV Hangers, Pharma Hanger, Bottle Hangers, Bottle Support

IV bottle hangers are used for hanging glucose saline glass bottles. 

We have exported to 20+ countries including USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh and so on.

Our pharma bottle hangers are available for bottles of sizes 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Why chose use?

We manufacture Infusion Bottle holder with FDA approved LDPE, with a special formulation to meet the high bearing capacity of hanger wires. The hangers are made with world class equipment, cleanroom facility and imported production infrastructure / PLC machines. Therefore the hanger is very durable.